Veronica Evanega

Veronica Evanega started her studies in art as a child being drawn into illustration, ceramics, and costume design through sewing. During those years she was also very interested in more three-dimensional architectural design. Throughout her formative years, she studied tailoring, drawing, painting, and metal forming in jewelry where she received the top jewelry award and awards for illustration in high school. Her artistic development brought her to NYC and Parsons School of Design. Having multifaceted interests in Fine Art, Fashion, and the Technical Arts of sound engineering, film, and video, she started on a path relating these into what would eventually become production design. Doing her own collegiate independent study, she found film coupled with music video as a perfect medium for expressing the connection to all of these artistic interests. During her studies at School of Visual Arts, she produced three music videos, all first music videos for bands who would eventually be signed to major labels.

As an adjunct to her studies, Veronica worked at The Kitchen on some very controversial artistic performances during these college years. Her varied abilities placed her into most any position as production staff ranging from; makeup artist, sound technician, production coordination and set/art department assistant. An aptitude towards three-dimensional design and sculpture brought her to study under artist and SVA professor, Marsha Trattner. She experimented in metal forming while also assisting Marcia on her Socrates Sculpture Garden residency in Astoria, NY. This interest in metal forming was piqued by the artistic materials choice of her early years and her fashion design vision. Costume became a sincere love and talent. Her endeavors created a costume company where she sold her wears through Patricia Fields under the label of Blaze New York. Her designs were metal based and captured the attention of celebrities and stylists. These designs have been seen on the pages of fashion magazines, in films, music video & live stage, album covers, as well as Broadway productions.

Chashama took on Ms. Evanega as their first visual artist, giving her a three-year residency at their 111 West 42nd Street theater space. There she further developed her skills in sculpture, costume design, set design and architectural hardware. She supported many theatrical productions with these skills. The final years of her residency resulted in designing & fabricating a set and props for, “The World of the P-Cult” production, which became set to five other productions being slightly transformed for each. After the residency, she relocated her workshop to the heart of the Hudson Valley. During the last 10 years while raising her son, she’s finely tuned her craft working on Fine Art Sculpture for several David Zwirner Gallery artist, Production Design/Art Direction for independent film, and a myriad of showcase architectural hardware pieces for offices, shops, private residences and display windows.To augment her artistic skills, Ms. Evanega is further pursuing a degree in Architecture and Construction Management. Veronica still maintains her connection with the Chashama arts foundation and its principal founder, Anita Durst.